About me

For as long as I can remember, I've been making things. Drawings, lists, charts, stories... Even as a child, I realized that creating things involves not just materials and craftsmanship but also a way of thinking - and that when we’re equipped with a certain way of thinking, anything is possible.

As someone whose formal and informal studies have included science, education, and design, I am no stranger to complex ideas and no skeptic of humanity. It is my passionate belief that thoughtful communication - and visual communication in particular - is the vital key for generating the necessary relationships and actions that will transform our current reality.

I've collaborated with all kinds of professionals at more than 50 organizations of all sorts to do just that. Much of my work has focused on issues of health; environment and sustainability; education; diversity, equity and inclusion; as well as arts and culture. You can see a portfolio of work here.

Today I keep on making for I know that with creativity, and with each other, we can unlock the door to everything we have been hoping for!


This is an interactive visual about biodiversity I created after studying at a field station in a Costa Rican rainforest. (Click here for large version.)

This is a timelapse video of me hand-drawing a network map of members at Converge Denver, a community of multidisciplinary creatives.