With a background in informal education and years of experience working with dozens of organizations, my workshops focus on real-life case studies and hands-on, strengths-based activities. I have presented at numerous events for professionals of various sorts, including Colorado Nonprofit Association Conference, Collective Impact Summit, AIGA-Colorado, Colorado Evaluation Network, and Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit. Contact me so I can customize a workshop for your audience's specific needs. 

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visual facilitation

Effective collaboration is a result of clear communication, and there are no better tools for communication than thoughtfully created visuals. I help facilitators build skills in listening and using visuals to support inclusive and productive dialogues and processes.

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data storytelling

It is becoming more and more vital that those who are working with data and those who are telling stories know how to create effective data-based stories that drive better decision making. I help professionals not only better understand best practices in data visualization, but I support them as they gain practice using storytelling techniques to help their audiences take informed action.

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human-centered design thinking

Too often we work on projects, focusing solely on our own ideas about what it should be, and end up with results that fall flat. Design thinking is about using an intentional process to understand what people really need and develop meaningful ways to meet those needs. I help professionals looking to approach problems in innovative ways discover opportunities to create solutions that have real impact.