Using Human-Centered Design to Visualize Qualitative Data: A Workbook

Visualizing data helps us capture attention, improve clarity, and inspire action.

The field of data visualization, however, tends to focus on quantitative data, which is unfortunate because there is so much qualitative data we need to understand better and because qualitative data helps us understand certain things much better than quantitative data does.

Lucky for you, I developed a workbook based on my experience working on many qualitative data visualization projects over the years. It includes tools for practicing that will allow you to make the critical transition from knowledge of best practices to application, which is the root of true understanding.

I believe that the best method for creating compelling data stories is to use human centered design, a method for involving humans in every step of problem-defining and problem solving and an especially ideal method for qualitative data visualization in particular. Check out the workbook to learn more!

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